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Our mission

We create a sustainable basis for a successful and fulfilling life through a strong, international, practice-based business education.

Our way to the destination

  • We are international and see cultural diversity as an asset. Pupils and teachers of international origin provide an open climate. Our bilingual program (Handelsakademie und Kolleg) is unique in Austria.
  • Active participation in our extracurricular events such as Language Weeks, Sport Weeks, Project Weeks, and Work Placements etc. are an integral part of ibc's education program. In addition, we promote the development and individual abilities of each student through diverse offerings and activities, such as the Debating Club, Peer Learning and the European Business Baccalaureate Diploma.
  • We support students in their personal growth and self-development through cooperative open learning, a contemporary learning environment, integration-friendly, gender-neutral teaching and transparent assessment of their performance. Team teaching makes an important contribution to the daily teaching process. We accompany students in their practical experience (internships, diploma theses, Practice Company, junior company) by providing them with sound preparation and follow-up.
  • We act responsibly towards society, the environment and our health. We live democracy through transparent processes such as the annual election of Student Body President with a public hearing, or the jointly developed school partnership behavior agreements. We live and promote attitudes that successfully lead our students through study, work and life, on their way to being autonomous, mature citizens.
  • We treat each other in an appreciative and positive manner and work consistently towards an open and supportive social climate. We are constantly developing our feedback culture.
  • Bullying in any form has no place at our school. When we hear about it, we act.
  • Our peer programs such as mediation, cultural tutoring, peer learning, SMS4U and school junior paramedic services are an important cornerstone of ibc education. Pupils thus contribute to school development, participate actively in school life and thereby acquire recognized additional qualifications.

Spirit of Nations

COOL: Cooperatives Offenes Lernen
Netzwerk gesundheitsfördernder Schulen

Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule,
BHAK und BHAS für Berufstätige Wien 12
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Sekretariat der Schule

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